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Stroke and Mini-stroke (TIA)

This community is for people with an interest in stroke and mini-stoke (TIA).

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I had a TIA last week and am waiting for an appointment at my local hospital,the stroke affected my right leg and foot, is there any...

Mac2284, United Kingdom - Thu, 16 Oct 2014

brain fog

My husband is the one that had a stroke on June third of this year. Recently he started feeling weird at he put it. Experiencing brain...

dawnmarie, United States - Wed, 8 Oct 2014


I had a TIA last year and fully recovered from it. I was diagnosed with a large PFO . Are there any other members who have found out...

jennyh, United Kingdom - Fri, 23 May 2014

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NHS Choices - Benefits of statins 'outweigh diabetes risk'

“Statins increase risk of diabetes but benefits are still worth it, say experts,” The Guardian reports. A large study found the...

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Brain stimulation 'helps in stroke'

'Stimulating the part of the brain which controls movement may help people recover from strokes,' reports the BBC.

NHS Choices - Targeted brain stimulation 'could aid stroke recovery'

"Stimulating the part of the brain which controls movement may improve recovery after a stroke," BBC News reports...

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