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Diabetes Mellitus

This community is for people with an interest in diabetes mellitus.

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Diabetic recipes

Eating a healthy, balanced diet when you are living with diabetes can be challenging. So we thought it might be helpful to members...

hf-editors, Thu, 13 Nov 2014


i,m finding it hard to get my BS levels down dispite medication and diet

scrappy, United Kingdom - Sat, 11 Oct 2014


I've done a lot of research into LADA or T1.5 as they call it...I'm on a support page and a lot of my friends believe my diagnosis of...

Debbierae, Australia - Mon, 29 Sep 2014

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NHS Choices - 'Smart insulin' could be used to treat type 1 diabetes

"Diabetes patients could be spared the burden of constantly monitoring blood sugar levels, after scientists have developed a 'smart'...

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Psoriasis drug for type 1 diabetes

NHS Choices - Type 1 diabetes 'more dangerous' in women

"Type 1 diabetes is more dangerous for women than men, study finds,” The Daily Telegraph reports. A large review found gender...

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Flu jab

NHS Choices - Flu jab is not a 'waste of time'

“Flu jab given to millions is 'useless',” and "Flu jab is a waste of time," are the irresponsible headlines in The Daily Telegraph and...

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