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Diabetes Mellitus

This community is for people with an interest in diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes Mellitus Join this community and stay up to date
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Anti diabetic

My mother who is suffering from diabetes..... Got a health drink..which is anti diabetic.... She used for 6months....her sugar levels...

suryavamsi, India - 2 days ago

Dexcom G4 sensors

Hi Guys, thanks for this group! Is here anybody who use Dexcom G4 monitoring system? Lucie

LucieW, Czech Republic - Sat, 11 Jul 2015

Thirst and diabetes

I’ve just checked NHS direct and it seems I should go and see my gp. But I just wanted to ask is it usual to feel thirsty all the time...

Jack, United Kingdom - Thu, 4 Jun 2015

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Fizzy drinks tax

Experts say sugary drinks are to blame for type 2 diabetes

New research suggests drinking sugary drinks could be causing almost 8,000 cases of type 2 diabetes a year.


Statins could halve risk of dying from cancer, major studies reveal

Statins, the common drugs taken by millions to prevent heart attacks, may help cut cancer deaths, two American studies have found.


NHS Choices - Overweight diabetics 'live longer' than slimmer diabetics

"Overweight diabetics are 13 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those of a normal weight or those who are obese," the Mail...

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